Jan 21, 2010

Day Surgery Approaches

We spent the day at the dentist yesterday for cleaning ALL the kids' teeth. Turns out my little man, The Boy, will need some work done.

Besides grinding his teeth, he snores. A lot. The dentist told me that there have been studies done that show children who snore have more incidences of ADD and trouble with concentration, lower grades. The Boy was evaluated by an Ear Nose Throat doc today and it's official. The Boy needs his tonsils and adenoids out.

I won't show you the nasty pictures I discovered when looking up just WHAT an adenoid and tonsil looks like. But take a gander at this:
Who knew where all that stuff was? And that you can't see the adenoids without a special tool? And what is a tonsil anyway? Here's what Wikipedia says:

The tonsils are areas of lymphoid tissue on either side of the throat. An infection of the tonsils is called tonsillitis. Most commonly, the term "tonsils" refers to the palatine tonsils that can be seen in the back of the throat.

Like other organs of the lymphatic system, the tonsils act as part of the immune system to help protect against infection. In particular, they are believed to be involved in helping fight off pharyngeal and upper respiratory tract infections.

Regardless, my boy has enlarged tonsils and the ENT thinks taking them out is the way to go.

For my own part, I'm hopeful that this helps him in his schooling. As his learning coach (teacher), I have trouble helping him to understand some of the things I am teaching. Any improvement in concentration and grades is certain to help both of us. Sadly, The Boy took his Idaho Reading Indicator last week and got a 1 out of possible 3. He will be taking an Extended Reading Intervention class starting next week.

Also next week he will be getting his tonsils out. Thursday morning we have to leave our snug little home in the frozen north and drive to the "city" thirty minutes to the south to be at the hospital at 7am.

Keep my baby big boy in your prayers, please. Even though it's "routine", it's still new to me and him. And any hints on good foods? I'll take 'em!

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