Dec 15, 2009

The Ubiquitous Letter

It’s the holiday season once again and time for the ubiquitous “letter”. I always tell myself that I’m going to keep track of all the fun stuff we do each month of the year and I succeed for about two months. Then I fall off and get in the groove of slack.

So what happened with us this year? Why, let me tell you:

Oldest Girl got glasses over Easter break and is marveling over how clear things look now. She’ll be 13 in a few months and is very teenaged but we still love her. I haven’t seen the floor in her room in three months.

Curly Girl is 10 and as headstrong as ever. She’s the driving force that I can count on when I need something done. It’s not always done right and it’s not always done pretty, but it is almost always done.

Roo Boo is my girl of two extremes. She’s either very happy and my sunshine, or she’s a very angry tempest. Her mind works so much differently than the older girls and at 8 she keeps me on my toes!

The Boy has started Kindergarten this year and can already read! He is so proud of himself and so am I. He is typical boy: loves bugs, guns and trucks. He’s caught between wanting to be a baby and a big boy.

Baby Bunting is getting big at 18 months and is running everywhere. I recently bought him his first pair of shoes and he loves them so much he doesn’t consider himself dressed until they are on his feet. He’s a bundle of giggles and love.

Big family news, we moved to a new house this July! We moved north just 17 miles and it’s a whole different world. We’ve got a house with a bedroom for each kid and almost 3 acres of land to run on. We’ve complimented the new house with two new cats and a new dog bringing our zoo totals to three cats, two dogs, 1 hamster, 1 river frog, and 1 parakeet.

We’ve also taken the kids out of public school and started to home school this year. With four kids in school, it’s a lot of work for mom, but being able to know exactly what they are learning each day is a blessing and a great benefit. There are no surprise assemblies touting the “greatness” of our current President.

Frank is still an awesome engineer employed at XXX. The kids are turning his hair grey at the temples, but it’s a distinguished look on him. And I, Sara, am looking forward to a great new year with the blessings of God upon all of us.

Merry Christmas!!

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