Oct 2, 2008


Limited Time Fundraising Opportunity for La Leche League International! Only 9,000 votes left

The website Squidoo, will give away a total of $80,000 to charitable organizations listed on its website and La Leche League International is one of these charities. For everyone that goes to their website and votes for La Leche League International, we will receive $2 per vote.
This is an anonymous vote. You will not be asked to give personal information or make a commitment to Squidoo.
Here’s how it works:

1) Log onto Squidoo’s website, www.squidoo.com/squidoo-charity-giveaway

2) Scroll down to the area where the charities are listed. (NOTE: Charities are not all in alphabetical order.)

3) Find La Leche League and click your mouse on the circle to the left of our name. (LLLI is toward the end of the list)

4) Once you’ve voted, move your cursor to the bottom of the screen and click on the button that says, “Vote”.

It’s as simple as that!
This offer is only good through October 15th or until 40,000 votes are reached.
You can only vote once. So please support La Leche League International today by placing your vote and forwarding this email to family and friends!

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