Sep 4, 2008

Nursing in Public

The letter I wrote the principal of the kids' school will explain it all. Don't be rude asking ME to not nurse in public! (finger snaps)

Mrs Axxxx -

I volunteer my time at WXXX because I feel it's important to be involved with my childrens' school. I contribute time as a member of the PTA, heading up Box Tops and Campbell's Labels programs, teaching home ec and copying for teachers.

When I was at school Tuesday afternoon, it became necessary for me to feed my infant son. Since I'm a breastfeeding mom, I make an effort to be sensitive to the sensibilities of others.

To that end, I opted to feed my 8 week old son using a baby sling which fully covers me. To this I added a blanket to cover my stomach. No portion of my chest was exposed.

When you approached me insisting that I must be fully covered, I was bewildered as all the sensitive areas were concealed. I was unaware that not only was a few inches of my back showing, but also that those two inches were titillating to anyone, especially since school was not in session and I was in a non-public room, alone.

There were better, more tactful and less confrontational ways for you to ask me to pull down my shirt in the back.

I'm afraid that I will be unable to continue in any volunteer capacity until an apology is issued. Also, as we are unacquainted, please refer to me as Mrs Cxxx.

Thank you.


Awesome Mom said...

That would tick me off big time! You go girl!

AZMom said...

You have GOT to be kidding me! Way to go S!

Need some new photos of the baby girlfriend!;-)

Twisted Cinderella said...

I will never understand some people's attitude towards breastfeeding. Great letter!

Missy Wiggins said...

I am a new reader but golly that was rude of the principal!
What is wrong with our society when something healthy and natural is looked down upon???
Good for you for writing that letter!

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