Aug 1, 2008

Don't Hate on Me

My little man got circumcised today, at 3 weeks of age. Dr B likes to wait until the feeding pattern is well established and the baby is back to birth weight before doing the circ. BB is gaining about 1/2 oz per day and is looking great!

I felt so badly about the circumcision that I dragooned Hubbers into attending the procedure. Honestly Hubbers had no problems with it, good man that he is, and he was able to hold and comfort BB. There was very little crying to be heard, as I craned my neck from the other room to hear, which is very good.

I know that this is a very controversial procedure, so no matter what your personal opinion is, don't hate on my blog about this. I will very liberally take control of the comments section and void any that aren't what I deem "right". It's my blog and I will censor if I want to!!

Meanwhile, everyone else is good and school is a mere 2 weeks away! Whoo Hoo!


twithhoney said...

Honey and I never did reach a conclusion on the circumcision issue and were very happy to have one less decision to make when Princess was born.
There are good reasons on both sides of the issue thus why it is such a hot button topic. As with most other parenting issues you have to do what is right for your family.

Tirzah said...

Agreed! Do what is best for you! We did the same with our son, though it was at the hospital, so I wasn't there and didn't have to hear the cries in my emotional state!

AZMom said...

You do what is best for you and your baby. We never had BB circ'd because he was 6 months old when he came home and then was hospitalized at 7 months as you know. There are times I wished we had but c'est li vive now. :-)

Good to see you posting again. I'd love to see some new photos!


MoM2-2GoodBoys said...

I have to comment on this subject....When I was contemplating whether to circ or not to circ 2GoodBoys, I asked one of my 5 brothers what he thought about the deed.....he simply said, "Do you really think I remember?"

Enough said!

Congrats on BB!

Christina Martin said...

This is such an individual decision. I don't think anyone has enough information to judge someone else's reasons.

Karen said...

My son was a bit older than that when he had his pencil sharpened. There was much crying. I want to say 4 months? Anyway, I'm now wondering why I bothered. I don't think the doctor knew what he was doing, since you can't tell that anything was ever done. After all the the gut wrenching deliberation on the matter, then to make the decision and then to have tortured my son for apparently nothing was a bit much for me. If I were to have another son, I would end up going through the same diberation process again. Especially, since the job was only half done on his brother.
These are hard decisions for parents. I'm happy to hear that all went well for you all.

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