Apr 6, 2008

Supporting "My" Missionary

I'm not LDS (Mormon), but my Brother and Sister in law are. Their oldest son just entered the Provo Missionary Training Center (MTC) three days after Easter. I felt like we ought to write him, support his endeavor, but am lazy about mail. Imagine my pleasure to find that I could mail him right from my computer!!

I was pointed towards DearElder.com. I sure like the ease of this! They deliver to the Provo MTC daily and with no charge for me. It is free for some missions and I think the letters will be sent to all missions, but you can donate if you want or feel so moved. You can also choose to purchase a care package to be sent to your missionary. I understand that missionaries LOVE cookies and brownies, so I may be taking care of his craving soon.

So Elder TJ, expect to hear from us more often! Good luck on your learning!


Awesome Mom said...

How exciting! Where is he going on his mission?

The Estrogen Files said...

Eventually, San Diego. Real culture shock there, eh?

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