Apr 20, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - 3rd Week of April

It's MONDAY again! Well, no. Actually it's Sunday afternoon and I'm meal planning for the week and posting now so I don't forget, get sidetracked, or just plain lazy.

The Dr started me on insulin for the Gestational Diabetes but I'm still eating on the "plan" (carb intake spread throughout the day for maximum absorption and paired with proteins to slow that absorption down) but also "shooting up" several times a day.

It's helping and the blood glucose numbers are looking so much better. And it doesn't hurt to inject unless the needle is getting old and tired, the silicon coating wearing off and making it more painful.

I'm still cooking some recipes out of the Lickety-Split Meals: For Health Conscious People on the Go! book because it simplifies the carb counting for me. Also, I like it! My step mom brought this book out one summer for a visit (with her, not just the book visiting) and we cooked out of it all week. Good stuff, dude.

Here's my menu for this week!

Chicken Artichoke Casserole
Crispy Chicken Dijon - pg 56
Almond Chicken Stir fry - pg 114
Chicken and Bean Enchilada - pg 86
Homemade Pizza
Nachos Supreme

Oatmeal Cookies - low sugar and suitable for the Gestational Diabetes! - pg 159

Organizing Junkie hosts MPM each week, so be sure to visit for more great menus!


Kim said...

Everything looks delish. Thanks for providing the recipe for the chicken artichoke casserole. I think I may need to try that one next week!

Michele said...

It all looks really good! :)
Michele :)

Anonymous said...

Hello. Your menu sounds great. I just can't believe that it doesn't mess with your numbers. I have had gestational diabetes with my first two pregnancies and am now in my third and waiting until they tell me I have it again. I always have had to eat kind of boring on the diabetic diets they put me on. Maybe I need to buy this book. Could you possibly post your oatmeal cookie recipe for me I think that will help me out alot when I am craving something sweet. Thanks so much and I am bookmarking you! rkcsilva@yahoo.com

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