Mar 19, 2008

Harsh, but Necessary

Today CurlyGirl had a friend over to play. Before the rain started, they went outside to play along with RooBoo. J, the friend, comes back in after a bit and tells me that Rascal, the dog, has jumped on her white shirt and left muddy foot prints!

I was astounded, since Rascal lives up the street and around the corner and the kids were firmly told to stay in the yard! Turns out that CurlyGirl made the decision to walk up and around the corner, truly not very far but out of sight, with J and RooBoo to pet the neighborhood dogs. It's relieving that TheBoy didn't tag along after them outside that time. My heart is already pounding with worry for what might have happened to the girls!

It was a good thing it was almost time for J to go home as I told CurlyGirl that she was grounded for at least a week and we'd talk with her father. The house was quite tense after that. I think that J was afraid to talk!

After a bit of private consultation, it was decided that CurlyGirl would lose her favorite computer game (Howrse), friend/play dates, and parties for the next month. I feel so bad to do this to her, but she simply must be punished in a way that is memorable. Roo was also punished but since she was the follower, she only got a week.

As Curly went off to bed, she trailed the obligatory "It's Not Fair!" down the hall. I guess the point we tried to make of getting seriously hurt, stolen, and never coming home again (her, sister, or J) didn't hit home for her.

Hubbers suggested we get a copy of the 1983 TV movie Adam, about the murder of Adam Walsh to share with her. Netflix doesn't carry it. eBay didn't have it. I don't know where else to look, but I will be showing her that Wikipedia page about his loss and the terrible pain for his family.

The New Girl was having an Ask the Internets parenting post the other day so I'll post my invitation to your responses here. Too harsh? Too easy?

I'll say this: It's a very good thing that God gives each of us 2 parents. One of us (the mom, me) is the wimp, the other is the enforcer. That old saying "Wait till your father comes home!!" is just too true.


Awesome Mom said...

I don't think you are too harsh. I learned the Don't Wander Off lesson when I spent several hours off somewhere with my sister and my mom ended up calling the cops to look for us. Something about flashing lights kind of drove the point home.

AZMom said...

Not too harsh at all my friend. I remember when Bug told me she took candy from a complete stranger at school and the resulting lecture and punishment afterwards. They are harsh lessons to learn but lessons they MUST learn regardless. Good job to you and hubbers!

Mike said...

She'll be OK, and so will you.


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