Feb 24, 2008

Things I Hate...

Mopping the kitchen floor. I farm this out to the kids as a "Job for Sale" as often as possible.

Buying bath towels. Talk about confusing! Expensive means better? No... Where to buy? What color? Acckkk!! The choices...

Scrubbing the tub. After a year as a chambermaid in a ski hotel, I just don't have the stomach for it. Especially the honeymoon suites. Wonder if I can farm this one out, too?

Patching holes in uniform pants. Why is one kid so much harder on the knees than the rest? Pants that have gone through one kid just fine are ready to be turned into shorts after that 2nd kid gets through with them!

Giving baths to small children. It makes my back and knees ache even when not 19 weeks pregnant. But I sure love the smell of the clean hair!


AZMom said...

Oh ya, give me any advice you have for patching knees in the jeans!! Busy Boy has busted knees out of 2 pairs of jeans. One I can get the patch to stay on and the other I replace constantly!

Anonymous said...

The job I hate... getting all the grooves and nooks of the toilet clean. You never quite realize how much detail they put into the base of a toilet until you have a potty training child.

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