Feb 16, 2008

Clean those Shades!

I read an article recently on care of lampshades. This is not a part of my home that I think of that often, so I thought I'd share just a few of the tips I read with you. You can find the link to the entire article at the bottom.

General Care of Your Lampshade:

* Ensure your fabric shade does not come into contact with liquids or sharp objects.
* Do not allow your shade to become too dirty before you clean it; regular routine cleaning is more successful than remedial cleaning.

Regular Cleaning of Your Lampshade Will:

* Improve its appearance
* Ensure maximum light passes through
* Prolong its life.

Quick Tips:

* In all cases it is important to switch off all power to the lamp before removing or cleaning.

Depending on the material your shade is made from there are various ways of cleaning it.

How to Clean Paper Lampshades:

* Never use water to clean the outer surface of a paper shade.

How to Clean Fabric Lampshades:

* If the shade is very large the soft brush attachment on a domestic vacuum cleaner may be used at its lowest suction setting. It is important to check that the bristles are clean and not too stiff so as not to mark the surface of the fabric. If in doubt attach a piece of fine gauze over the end of the hose and use that to gently life off the dust.
* Wipe the dust from the light bulb and wire fittings before re-assembling.

How to Clean Glass Lampshades:

* From time to time remove the shades from their fittings and using a damp soapy cloth carefully wipe over the surfaces of the shades, both inside and out.

Sarah Walker
Lampshade designer/maker
© Sarah Walker ArtShades 2008


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