Oct 24, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday - Softening Brown Sugar

Softening brown sugar - small bit of sliced apple in the jar/bag will make it soften up quite quickly!

My mother tries to tell me that a slice of fresh bread in the bag will work, but when put to the head to head test, bread just turns into cardboard right inside the brown sugar bag. Apples spread the delicious moistness to the entirety of the sugar! And no lingering apple taste on the sugar, either.

The best part? Eating that apple afterwards is a real treat for my 6 yr old!


Kim said...

ok I just did this yesterday and yes it worked - however, it seemed to moisten the sugar and turn it white in some places where it touched - it is still ok to use?

jubilee said...

what a good idea. thanks for sharing it. I, too, tried the bread slice and it just didn't seem to work.

Gina said...

Oh, Man! I just threw out some brown sugar that was hard as a ROCK! Does the apple trick work when it's that far gone?

ps. you know your kids are growing up when you tell them they can eat the brown sugar lumps and they DON'T WANT THEM! *sniff*

Gina said...

Thanks for responding on my blog! You are the only other person I have ever met whom one of their favorite movies is Armageddon. Me too!

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