Oct 27, 2007

Random Cracked Quotes

I'm completely wiped after preparing for the Halloween school carnival and am SO glad that it was last night. It was great fun - costume contest, food, pumpkin carving contest, candy, games, raffle, prizes, candy, inflatable jumpers, LOTS of people, more candy, and a good profit for the school, which was the real whole point.

Based on my good mood, here's some funnies from the fortune telling device on my Ubuntu Linux desktop:

Gone With The Wind
-- by Margaret Mitchell

A woman only likes men she can't have and the South gets trashed.

Gift of the Magi LITE(tm)
-- by O. Henry

A husband and wife forget to register their gift preferences.

The Old Man and the Sea LITE(tm)
-- by Ernest Hemingway

An old man goes fishing, but doesn't have much luck.

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