Oct 21, 2007

Menu Plan Monday - 3rd Week of October

Menu Monday is upon us again! Organizing Junkie is our host; hop on over to sample hundreds more great recipes. God bless Laura for allowing me a place to share my (semi) talent and gain some wonderful ideas.

It's turning cold and windy here and that turns me to warm comfort foods. It's the time of year when it feels darn good to turn that oven on! Besides the meals listed below, I'll also be baking homemade bread, trying some Amish Potato Rolls recommended by Miles to Go, trying a new recipe: Applesauce Loaf, and whipping up some kind of dessert for the week.

My new craving is English Toffee - think I can do it? I'd better learn since it's sticker shock at $17.95 a pound at the local candy store! I found a website that appeals to me, and shows me step by step, with pictures, how to do it. It's called Cooking for Engineers. I just love the tagline: Detailed instructions on food and cooking for those who like to ask not just How? but also Why? I'm married to an engineer, have an engineer step-father, and worked with engineers for a long time before my motherhood career change, so it makes sense to me!

I didn't get to some of my meals for the week past, so here's another week with carry-overs.

Chicken Biscuit Pot Pie, salad
Oven Fried Chicken, mashed squash/potatoes, fried okra
Marmalade Curried Chicken, bacon ranch zucchini
Onion Soup Pork Roast, mashed potatoes, salad

Friday is the school carnival so we'll eat there - junk food galore, I'm sure.

Hope your week is wonderful!


tegdirb92 said...

what a wonderful fall meal plan. make me long for Idaho (wish I was enjoying that cool weather right now). have a great week, Sara.

Candi said...

Sounds tasty!! That website looks neat!! I love English toffee, too.

AZMom said...

Great menu as always Sara!!

Anonymous said...

I discovered the cooking for engineers site a couple of years ago, but have forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder! I love his visual chart sort of recipes--I don't like to follow instructions, but the chart, I like!

KC said...

Yummy week
The Chicken Bisquet Potpie looks tasty

Have a great week.

Jenny said...

Your chicken biscuit pot pie sounds amazing!!! Great menu!
Have a good week!

Michelle said...

oh the marmalade chicken sounds so good.thanks for sharing the recipes.

Natalie said...

Fried okra is yummy! I make it even more fatty by eating it with Ranch dressing. Lol!

A Juggling Mum said...

Hi, you have some great meals planned for this week :)

See you next week!

Rachel xxx
Come and visit me at my blog :)

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