Oct 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

It's finally over. My fingers and sewing machine are just bushed! I finished my last costume (thankfully for Hubbers) at ten minutes to seven tonight. He just walked in the door when I was finally done.

Now I can finally pay some much needed attention to my blog, housework (nah, not really), menus (none this week means carryout pizza tonight!), and kids.

Meanwhile, here's some shots from this year's spook-fest!

Oldest Girl is some sort of gypsy witch hybrid, although this is not the costume I made for her this year - a long story for some other time.

Curly Girl is Trinity from The Matrix. She was afraid to wear that coat to school today. I wonder if she thought she would be teased? Upshot is she likes her hair all slicked back like that. A big change from hanging in her face for the past 2 months!

RooBoo is a tiger, of course. She was going to be a cheerleader, but decided last weekend when I opened the Halloween box for the school carnival that she wanted the big cat costume instead. No biggie, since they were both ones I had already made several years before.

TheBoy was a Dalmatian puppy for the carnival, a green dinosaur this morning and a panda bear tonight. He was very much in the spirit today.

And here's Hubbers, the evil king in black and silver. He was a bit touchy that I had never made a costume for him. Poor man. So, he's happy now. Until I told him this will have to last him for another 10 years!!

No, his face isn't really that fat, it's the hood. He's actually lost a few pounds lately and is looking tres good!


Awesome Mom said...

Great costumes!!!

Barb, sfo said...

They all look terrific!

AZMom said...

Cute, cute, cute!!

Happy Halloween!


T with Honey said...

Everyone looks great. You did an awesome job with their costumes.
Give yourself a big ole pat on the back!!

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