Aug 31, 2007

A Veginarian

RooBoo said to me yesterday - "Mommy, I'm going to become a Veginarian about bugs and insects."

Well, okay dear.

I guess this comes from the fact that her Oldest Sister likes to stalk, catch, microwave and eat grasshoppers.

Egged on by daddy, of course.

I think I'll be a Veginarian, too.


What I'm reading today:

You know Anne Rice for the vampire books she wrote, but something must have happened to change her immensely. Now she's written a very engaging book about Jesus.

I was hesitant to read it at first, thinking it might be something I don't care to read - like The Da Vinci Code (total crap there). It surprised me in how very good it is. I'm 3 CDs into the audio book (total of 8) and looking forward to the rest.

It's told from the viewpoint of a 7 yr old Jesus.

1 comment:

Mike said...

Eat grasshoppers? Hmm.

My 4-year old calls me meatetarian.

Have a great weekend.


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