Jul 5, 2007

Mitt Romney, Cruelty to Animals

Found this article about this "alleged man" strapping a dog to a car ROOF for a 12 (twelve!) hour trip in high summer.

For SHAME, Mitt Romney. For shame.

More? Okay. Top Ten gaffes (mistakes, foot-in-mouth episodes, reasons to laugh and point) of Mitt Romney, so far.

Due to popular demand, I've added a bit of Estrogen to the colors of the blog. Better?


tegdirb92 said...

Aww, shucks Sara, thanks. I am so glad. I love to stop by here often and check out your blog. I am still chuckling about that lizard story and it "having babies" You need to put that one in the classics file!!

I miss Idaho....I bet it's starting to warm up there though


T with Honey said...

You didn't have to change the colors if you liked it the way it was.

But I do like the pink accents. ;)

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