Jul 1, 2007

Addiction and Return

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We're BACK from visiting and SO glad - much cooler here in SE Idaho than at Gramma's house. Good to see ya'll, internets.

CurlyGirl broke the nose pincher part on her glasses and isn't wearing them until we get the new nose pincher buffer in place - hopefully tomorrow. BoyBoy had only 1 accident (travel diarrhea) the whole weekend! Go Boy!

Fatality while gone - the hermie crab is dead. CurlyGirl is devastated. We'll see about getting a few more. They're SO attached to these spider looking thingies!

Catty-fatties are glad to see us and purred everywhere and sat on all of us. Dog went with us, but was ready to go again as we cleaned out the van. She just sat there, awaiting the start of the next trip!
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