May 9, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday - Spelling Help

My Works for Me Wednesday (and it's been a long time since I've participated!) is about helping my Kindergartener with her spelling words.

It's hard for young kids to understand about letters at first. So to help my little one with her three ordinary spelling words a week, I came up with this COOL idea!

I wrote the letters of each word (black, brown, orange, and so on) on different index cards, then disordered them and had her put them in the correct order. We did this each day and after just 3 days, 5 minutes each time, of such practice, she was able to spell them on her own!

So it worked for me, and BabyGirlRoo!

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Toni said...

Very clever tip. I agree that visuals can makes a tremendous difference in how we learn. Good for you recognizing what your daughter needed and coming up with such an inventive hack.

Toni said...

hmm... that's make not makes...perhaps I need to use this on myself. :)

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