May 26, 2007

If Looks Could Kill... I'd be Smoldering Ashes!

Did you ever read any Shirley Jackson stories? They're kind of odd - drawing numbers to see who gets stoned in the village (The Lottery), a paranormal house that appears totally normal (The Haunting of Hill House), and so on.

I love literature and reading. I once aspired to be a writer and was fairly good at it. I love history, too. While this is all nice background info on me, it doesn't do much to add to the killing looks story.

So imagine if you were writing a story in the Shirley Jackson style based on the premise that looks could kill. Where would it go? Would the human race be discontinued in infancy? How many times in the life of a mother would she be reduced to a smoldering pile of ash?

Interesting idea, huh? When you write this story, dedicate it to me, your beautiful muse, for providing the idea.

This post inspired by a line in the book I'm currently reading:

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Barb, sfo said...

I'm less fond of Jackson's horror stories than I am of her two autobiographical works about being a parent of young kids: Life Among the Savages, and Raising Demons. (in fact, in 8th grade I wrote and directed a play for my class based on a story from Life Among the Savages) That was fun!

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