Apr 17, 2007

Updated: Spring FLING! ORGANIZING Extravaganza!

Today I worked on the linen shelves at the end of the hall - where the kids keep their bed linens. After reading Organizing Junkie's inspiring linen closet post, I just knew I had to purge and sort mine.

Sadly, I'm a packrat and have a hard time letting go. I pitched donated a whole bag of sheets and pillowcases to the local La Leche League garage sale for this summer.

I'm still avoiding the pillow graveyard in my master bedroom closet, but I'll get there. And yeah, I forgot to take pics before I did my work. Better go get the rest of the clutter shots before I do any more damage work.

Join in the fun over at Organizing Junkie's 30 Day Organizational Challenge.

1 comment:

scribbit said...

I'm waiting to do my spring cleaning after the kitchen is finished. Then I'll tackle the rest. :)

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