Apr 6, 2007

Lazy Posting Tag

Thank you, dear Jennifer, for the TRAP on your blog that compels me to post this meme because I'm all anal like that... Actually, it's okay because what is a blog for, if not talking more and moremoremoremore about yourself?

Narcissists, UNITE!

So here's the thing from Jennifer:

1. Go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday (month and day only):

March 26 is the 85th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (86th in leap years). There are 280 days remaining.

2. List events that occurred on that day of interest to you:

3. List a Few Birthdays:

1874 - Robert Frost, American poet (d. 1963)
1930 - Sandra Day O'Connor, U.S. Supreme Court Justice
1931 - Leonard Nimoy, American actor and director
1934 - Alan Arkin, American actor
1938 - Anthony James Leggett, American physicist, Nobel laureate
1940 - James Caan, American actor
1940 - Nancy Pelosi, American politician
1941 - Richard Dawkins, British evolutionary biologist
1942 - Erica Jong, American author
1943 - Bob Woodward, American journalist
1944 - Diana Ross, American singer (Supremes)

4. List a death: (couldn't list just one)

1814 - Joseph-Ignace Guillotin, namesake of the guillotine (b. 1738)
1827 - Ludwig van Beethoven, German composer (b. 1770)
1892 - Walt Whitman, American poet (b. 1819)
1923 - Sarah Bernhardt, French actress (b. 1844)

5. List a holiday or observance (if any):

Liturgical feasts


Who knew such EXCITING things happened on the day of my birth, other than that momentous, heart stopping, death defying, AWESOME feat? Birth, that is.

You reading this?

TAG! You're IT! Leave me a comment and I'll visit YOUR happy day, too...

1 comment:

Awesome Mom said...

I am saving this one for my birthday so come on by on the 13th.

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