Apr 25, 2007

It's a MAJOR AWARD! Award dealy

**UPDATED!!** My most sincere groveling and bribery has garnered me a MAJOR AWARD!! Check this out:

Thank you, thank you. I promise to only use my powers for good. Truth be told, Hubbers was disappointed that it wasn't a REAL lamp!!

Oh N-A-N-N-N!!! (singsong there) Oh TONI!!! You are doing a COOL award give-away at your sites and I SO deserve this award because my parents named me Sara in an age where every other baby girl born that year received the same name. And to top it off - I spell mine DIFFERENTLY!!! (No "H")

Come on, now, loverly ladies, I SO deserve this award because I live in a house where there will soon be FOUR ladies cycling together. ONE Hubber who doesn't understand, and a very SPOILED 3 yr old boy.

Also, Ralphie told me that he wants me to have it. Yes, we converse quite often and he specifically stated that The Estrogen Files NEEDS this quality award in the sidebar. After all, I have no awards... (sniff, sniff)

Why else? I have very sexy, great looking legs. I can prove it! Yes, the rest of me is fluffy as a Persian cat, but my legs are GREAT and muscular!! Want a photo? I'll send one as soon as you send me that AWARD!

I highly desire this award. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE and I'll rub your feet every night! Cause I'm all sweet like that... Yeppers, as soon as you move to my town, I'm over all the time to rub your feet and draw a bubble bath for you.

I love your blogs (really, I will visit and prove it through my loving, inspired comments on each and every post you present me), your hair is beautiful, you are SO FUNNY!!, and my, you lost weight, didn't you?!!

Well, if you don't pick me, how about Jenna? She's funny and cute, nearly as much as me!! Hey, I got an idea - how about you SPLIT the award? It can be a travelling award. I get the leg, she gets the shade? After a week we swap?



Okay, reader loves, check out Life is Like a Lunchbox or Special K Family to find out what all my groveling is about. You, TOO, can win a MAJOR AWARD!!

And remember - I would be ETERNALLY grateful...


World Breastfeeding Week is Coming:

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Nan said...

Oh girlfriend! You have proven to be the grovelingest groveler of all! And you do so deserve this award. Especially with those promises of foot rubs. I'm booking my Penske truck right now. See you in a week! (I hope you don't mind filing off my bunyons... oh and my overgrown blackened right big toenail and could you bother to bring an Xacto knife with you? I have about a two inch layer of yellowy thickened heel that could really use some help!)


Come back to my place, hit "e-mail me" and say something funny and I'll zap your electric leg right back to you!

(oh, and I LOVE your flowers!)

JennaG said...

Ewww, tell me that comment from Nan wasn't disgusting! Thanks for the extra groveling just for me! Too sweet and I so appreciate it!

Toni said...

Loved it! Love your banner! It's the opposite here! :(

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