Apr 22, 2007

I'm a Sk8tr Chick

Well, kinda. HUBBERS is a sk8tr. I'm the skater's woman.

'Course, I skate too. (Rollerblading, ya know.) Just not so well on concrete. I'm much much better at the roller rink.

With walls.

Not to hold onto or anything, you understand. No, not that, never... It's, uh, for the kid - yeah! That's it!

We take the kids skating every Saturday - sometimes the roller rink, sometimes the skate park downtown. Good exercise, good fresh air, good use of helmets.

But like I said, Hubbers is a skater. He recently put a list together for his "slutty buddies" (forum groupies) of all his cool tricks. I found it really quite funny and share it here, with permission:
1. up ramp and down doing 180 in air to switch direction
2. up ramp and back down without changing directions, falling on face is optional (I used that option the first time)
3. go up ramp at 45 degree angle, jump spin 270 and go back down at 45 degree angle while facing forward entire time
4. up ramp on one foot, do 180 and come back down on same foot (I think I landed this once)
5. up ramp and slide back down on my back (I call this my "laying down" move)
6. up ramp followed by butt plant (almost breaking wrist is an option, but not required)
7. 180 and 360 spin on flat
8. going too fast and actually getting on top of ramp because I did not know what to do with the energy which usually leads to 9
9. dropping in followed by going to find another place to start, sometimes done to prove to snotty little 12 year olds that an inline skater can do "something"
10. toe spin, go forward and lift onto toes and spin to face reverse direction. Usually followed by 11 to "look cool"
11. t-stop
12. breathing air (this really stumps a lot of people)
13. simple ramp to ramp transfers on center box
14. crossovers when warming up, yes you can go fast enough on aggressive skates (agros) to warrant using crossovers when doing laps in a parking lot area
15. falling on keys, followed by quoting a move, "I fell on my keys", or other wise called "pulling a Garth"
16. Tourette syndrome after failing to land a move, I am really good at this one

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