Mar 10, 2007

Going So SOON?!

Yup, the party's over. I've had to take down the decorations and pay up to the DJ.

I met SO MANY great new bloggers this week! With a grand total of 917 participating blogs, I'm very glad that Mr Linky will be up for a while longer. Gotta get through some more! Thankfully my wrist is feeling somewhat better so I can ~ no more brace.

I recognized a lot of great blogs on the prize list at 5 Minutes for Mom, though my own name wasn't one of them. That's okay - next time! They tell me there will be more contests and prizes in the near future...

In the meantime, check out this:

My mom has a rat dog like this and it has to wear diapers in the house because it can't won't be potty trained. Here's the perfect solution for keeping that diaper on a small furry rat that wasn't made to wear any kind of butt cover! Kozmo's Corner - Pet Gadgets.

Her dog is cute and all, and she says it is her baby and makes up for her children having grown up, moved away and left her empty-nesting for the rest of her life... No, well, I said that last bit. (LOVE YOU MOM!)

Truth be told, the dog in question is a Teacup Yorkie with some odd grey stripe on top of it's miniature head that means something like dog royalty. (Did you know dogs had royalty? Me neither.)

So, maybe something YOU do that seems to work but is really funny in an odd way could make you a bazillion dollars! Just like the inventor of this here dog diaper seatbelt.

Oh, just to keep my mom happy, here's a picture of the muttness, Fuzzy.

1 comment:

Myfriendconnie said...

That is hilarious! We had to buy a diaper for our male dog because he kept "marking his territory" all over our furniture! We ordered it special from a doggie company, and it turned out to be nothing more than an ace bandage with velcro on the ends.

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