Mar 29, 2007

The Elderly, or What I Want to Be...

I was spurred to thinking by a radio commercial with Joan Rivers tonight. It was an osteoporosis commercial where at the end, after extolling the virtues of strong bones and bone deep beauty, she stage whispers "Don't tell my plastic surgeon!".

Now I know that it's a joke on her and no big deal. But it got me to thinking on the natural beauty of an older face, older hands. And I realized that what I want to be when I grow up is... older.

I want wrinkles that have their OWN wrinkles. I want my skin to look and feel velvety soft. I want my facial lines and spots to reflect the good, happy life I've lived. I want grandchildren to call me some version of Gramma, Nana, Grammy and remember me with the fond softness I remember my own grandmothers having.

So when I went searching for photos to pair with this post, I was astounded by the fact that using Google image search I could not find ONE picture of a well-worn elderly WESTERN woman's face. Yes, could be I was using the wrong search terms, but it brought me back to Joan Rivers and her plastic surgery crack.

When did being old become verboten? When did it become a bad thing that should NEVER happen? And when it did happen, as it does, either surgically fix it or hide away in the nursing home, quick!

I don't know the median age of my readers and I what I post here is NOT meant to offend, but is this somewhat the fault of the baby boomers who wish to retain their youth forever? Or is this just the way it is and always has been?

And now this sends me thinking on two great posts I read recently about blogging being wholly narcissistic. Her Bad Mother and Suburban Oblivion both have great incites to this subject. So, does not wanting to show the frailty of age, but to remain in that ageless atmosphere of your favorite decade plug into this narcissism ideal?

So, when I grow up, here is what I want to be. See the velvety cheeks? The smile lines worn deep? You can also see that it hasn't been an easy road, but she's still around. Granted, I probably won't morph into an Asian by old age, but you get my idea, right?

PS - Did you see that Blogger now has a SIZE limit to how much photo stuff they'll host for you? Get thee over to Photobucket, I say... Image from CNET Asia Forums


Her Bad Mother said...

I think that if it's possible to put a positive spin on narcissism - understood as self-love - it would be by way of insisting that the best self-love is the kind that loves the self in all of its permutations, all of its moments. Loves the reflection, no matter what. Wrinkles, warts, and all.

Angie said...

Really great reflection! I totally agree! :)

Aimee said...

The wrinkles I'm not too hyped up about, it's the acne flare-ups I could do without when I'm old. But when I'm post-menopausal and dry as a bone in the oil glands, I think I'll finally be ok :)
I also want to wear those really loose housecoats with my cardigan when I go to the supermarket. They look comfy, and when I'm old, I want to be comfy.

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