Mar 12, 2007

All You Can Eat!

I have to plan my meals in advance or there will be trouble on the home front.

The planning helps me to
1.) Keep the grocery expenditures down,
2.) Not get to 4.30 pm and just start to wonder What's for Dinner? and
3.) It keeps the kids Hubbers from saying Awww, not THAT!

So, here it is, my menu/meal plan for this week:
  1. Linguine with Peas, Ham, and Mushrooms
  2. Basil Balsamic Fish
  3. Souper Enchiladas
  4. Crustless Quiche and Cranberry Apple Crisp
  5. Taco Ring
  6. Panko Chicken
  7. Leftovers
I got many of these recipes from Menus 4 Moms. It's a free service and you can find archived menus and ideas here, as well as tips for kitchen management, household cleaning and organizing tips, and discussion boards.

I do plan on putting my recipes up sometime, but not today. The links here now will take you to Menus 4 Moms.

Because we have a large family, I alter the sizes to make enough for all of us, plus leftovers for Hubbers to take to work the next day or to freeze for later and an I don't WANT to cook! night.


03-14-2007 - The linguine recipe isn't my favorite. I don't know exactly how I'd change it, but the overall combo just didn't hit my buttons tonight.


org junkie said...

Hello! Thanks so much for joining in and for including the recipes...that is always my favorite part. The linguine one looks especially delicious!


JennaG said...

Everything sounds great--especially the linguine! yum! Have a great week!

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