Feb 20, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday

I kind of struggled thinking up something for this Wednesday Workin', but I finally was inspired by something I saw at a friends' site:

Handmade Note cards are so much cuter and reflect your personality so much better than things Hallmark sells. And it's easier than you think to make your own cards!

Start with some card stock in your favorite color (already cut to size or cut it yourself), some do-dahs to decorate with (I like rubber stamps, ribbons, stickers, and Trish likes knitted bits), then go at it. Get the items into a design or pattern you like and go for it!

If you need some hints or ideas, try visiting Stampin' Up! for free layout ideas (and some GREAT *cough*addictive*cough* rubber stamps). If you like scrapbooking, card making is a natural off shoot.

Your first few attempts may not be as pretty as you like, but SOMEONE will know that you made this with them in mind, made it yourself. And the kids will think it's SO cool that they will want to get in on the fun. Two problems solved in one mighty mom swoop! Works for me...

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Amy said...

Great link! I own some Stampin' Up! items, but I didn't know they had projects online.

Stephanie said...

projects online. I like that. I can make stuff, but am not good at coming up with the ideas.

BTW you should take some pictures of these and enter your post in Make it From Scratch! (Shameless self plug here!) LOL

Jane said...

I recieved some homemade cards in a swap and let me tell you they were gorgeous and simple too! When I look at cards now at Hallmark, many are $3-$4!!! It really would be a savings to make my own-even with the investment of some supplies.

Becky said...

Great idea! I've been playing around at making cards for awhile, but being on a super tight budget I have banned myself from looking at the Stampin' Up website! I would become addicted and broke at the same time! :) Thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

I love this! I was just talking the other day about how it is so difficult to find decent cards anymore. Most of them make fun of aging or use crude humor. Sorry, but I'r rather make my own than settle on something I don't really like and end up having to pay almost $4 for it. I'm heading to the craft store right now!! :)

Nikki said...

Great tip. I love Stampin' Up! I love their cute creative ideas. And whenever I send a store-bought card, I just feel like it wasn't that thought-out. I also always feel much more appreciate when someone takes the time to send a homemade card. I think I'll haul out my stampin supplies today!

Larae said...

Great tip! Thanks for sharing! =)

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