Mar 14, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday - Frugal Ice Packs

Bumps, bruises, scrapes are a fact of life around here. And not just ME! Look at this picture of my poor baby boy, who ran his face SMACK into the solid oak arm rest of my new couch:

Black eye, but still smiling! The forehead bruise is from trying to throw a large rock over the fence but having, well, bad aim. I'm afraid he gets that from me.

Do your children think bandaids are magic? Mine too. I only hand out bandaids on occasion of gushing welling blood. Instead, I give my kids some simple, frugal ice packs from frozen sponges. I'm all about the frugal, you know.

Get yourself a pack of those sponges that doesn't have any of that green scrubby stuff on the other side - just plain sponge.
Wet said sponge and place inside a Ziplock baggie.
Put the whole caboodle into the freezer and await the next BooBoo.
Whip out your handy dandy FRUGAL ice pack for wailing child and WAHLAA! Instant bandaid magic...

Works for ME! And my kids' school...

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Amanda said...

Love it! And I quite a few of those sponges around. Great tip.

Carrie J said...

Poor baby, He really did get banged up there. Really good tip. I never thought of sponges. I have used wash clothes before.

T with Honey said...

I love the sponge idea for bigger boo-boos!
For small ones we reach for the fake ice cubes. We got some of these colored plastic cubes with water inside as part of a picnic set and never used them until Princess bumped her head on something. She got used to having ice put on her bumps at day care so she was screaming for ice. This was the only kind of ice we had available and we fell in love. She can carry them all over the house and there is no melting mess to clean up. Plus they are small enough for her to handle.

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