Feb 13, 2007

Things I'd Like to Ask a Celebrity...

Just a random list, I started with only three. How HIGH can she go?!

  1. Do you ever Google yourself?
  2. How can you stand watching yourself on screen?
  3. Do you critique your acting/physical appearance every time?
  4. What do you REALLY think about tabloids?
  5. Would you do it again (act) if you had a choice?
  6. What was your worst acting ever?
  7. Can I get that on DVD?
  8. Why are the self-aggrandizing award shows so long?
  9. And why do they HAVE to be televised?
  10. Why do reasonably good actors take their clothes off for a West End production of Equus?
  11. Why do perfectly good actors want to become directors?
  12. Why do you think you're better than me?
  13. Is money really everything?
  14. Why do you treat your kids like that?
  15. Why don't your kids need 2 parents - A mom AND a dad?
  16. How come y'all get divorced so much?
  17. Is being a child star as sucky as they say?
  18. Is breaking into the business hard?
  19. What was your best waitress job?
  20. Why don't you guys attend church?
  21. Do you idolize someone? Who?
  22. Are you computer literate?
  23. Do you enjoy NORMAL activities, or only traveling to some God-forsaken land to give birth?
  24. Why do you think your money allows you to ________?
  25. Do you read books?
  26. Did you know that some people call you guys Celebutards?
  27. How come TTLB won't display my code correctly, nor return my emails or support tickets?
  28. Do you read my blog?
  29. Why not?!

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