Feb 13, 2007

Star Trek: TNG - I'm Still a Geek

Yes, I know it's been years since this particular show was on, but I L-O-V-E-D it! I now find it a little toe curling and cringe-inducing to watch some of the early episodes, but overall it was my favorite.

Especially Wil Wheaton. I watched him grow up on the show as I was growing up myself. He's only 3 years older than me.

So imagine my surprise when I find his blog! From thence comes the information that he's writing reviews of random episodes of TNG from the viewpoint of cast member, fan, and geek. (His words, not mine.) Very. Cool.

Imagine my little teen aged self having such a CRUSH on Wil! Imagine my nearly 32 year old self still feeling a tiny bit of that awe-inspiring crush. (Ooo, the cringing truth outs.) Imagine myself reading his blog and feeling rather like a voyeur! Apparently I got over the voyeur feeling, since I read his blog at every update.

If you like ST:TNG, then be sure to visit TVSquad for more heretical wickedly funny reviews by Wil.

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