Feb 16, 2007

New Weight Loss BREAKTHROUGH!!!

My own self, I'd rather weigh like this.

Here's my lament, shamelessly copied from the weight loss blog where I also post.

A Bad Week... I Mean Month

It's been not the best week and therefore month. Here it is, mid-Feb and I have only been to Curves 3 or 4 times the WHOLE MONTH rather than per week.

Valentines day came and with it, chocolate, and while I've been being careful, who can resist a good chocolate carmel?

Plus my kids have all been sick and that makes me tired - L has insomnia, K has strep, A has her 1st ear infection and F is 2.

Hubbers does his best, but I don't get to see him from 5am to 7pm and when he gets home it's my exercise time and I hate leaving home and not spending time with my best friend!

At least we're still rollerblading each weekend for several hours.

So, I'm redoubling my efforts for the next week. I'm getting rid of the candy that appeals to me and reminding myself that chocolate promotes migraines for me. I'm stepping back on the scale, no matter how much it protests, and I'm GOING TO FEEL BETTER when I get back into my exercise routine.

Prop me up now, girls.


Barb, sfo said...

I'm with you.

My husband got me some FAB candy for Valentine's Day. I will savor it, and that will be that. Not buying any more candy until after Easter, and I'll try to keep a lid on it so as not to repeat last year's Easter breakfast of half a bag of Whoppers eggs and half a pot of coffee (yeah, that was me...ick...)

Iris said...

I have given up on the weight loss. I have chosen to just love ME the way I am, since the man I love loves me the way I am.

I am hoping that all the love and....um....lovin' will increase my metabolism somewhat!

Sara said...

Iris, you so funny! The, uh, lovin' is what Hubbers says ought to be done on the nights I don't exercise. More reason to exercise? Or less?

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

You can do, Sara!!!!!

Lulls are normal - but you can regain your momentum....and mind you, that's all I'm talking about regaining!

You go girl!

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