Feb 16, 2007

My Clone

Yes, yes, it's totally true. I was surfing around to some of my favorite bloggity homes and on the Here in Idaho blog I found my clone.

No, I'm not joking!

Okay, maybe not clone. That could be too harsh a word. More like, uuuuuhhhh... carving. Likeness. Statue.

Whatever. It's so totally me and it WAY goes with my post about the Weight Loss Breakthrough. Check it out:

Stop laughing.

I've had four babies, you know. Yeah, that's what it was - all the fault of the shorties around here...


Stephanie said...

That pretty much resembles my figure too! For some odd reason I always gain weight between babies! Weird huh?

Aimee said...

Sara - you are HAWT! And I totally love the way it looks like a halo around your head.

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