Feb 22, 2007

Lenten Blog Carnival

Be sure to check out the Lenten Blog Carnival over at Homemaking Through the Church Year put together by Jessica - thank you so much!!

As you ask yourself "What is a Lenten Blog Carnival?" let me explain. Jessica has put together a giant list (I didn't count how many but LOTS!) of posts about Lent - meditations, experiences, prayer, family, links (like mine) and more from the three largest divisions of the church: Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant.

In case you missed out on this one, Jessica had this to say:
And, if you're like me, and much as you love Lent, [you] just can't wait for that second Sunday of April to roll around, be assured that there'll be a first annual Easter Blog Carnival too. Stay tuned for details!

So click on over to her place and check out all the great Lenten posts.

Blessings of Christ be yours~


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