Feb 3, 2007

A Demand on Breastfeeding by The Pork Board?

I am hoping that there are some breastfeeding moms visiting my site. I hope that they are committed to providing their child(ren) the best start in life - Mommy Milk. And even if I'm all alone here, at least I know where I stand on the breastfeeding issue.

So check out this non-sense demand from the National Pork Board to a breastfeeding site called The Lactivist Breastfeeding Blog.

For selling a T shirt.


Visit and support the movement if you want. If not, no big deal, but I'm going to be over there, writing letters and telling Big Pork to back OFF!

And Yes, that IS Lucy Lawless (Xena, Warrior Princess) feeding her child.

Photo: http://www.lucylawless.info/articles/womenshealth/
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