Feb 28, 2007

Common Denominator of Potatoes and Lightbulbs

What do Potatoes and Lightbulbs have in common? Well, nothing.

  • You can bounce a potato quite well on linoleum. Not so well with lightbulbs.
  • You can eat a potato in a variety of ways. Lightbulbs? Only if you're the Adams' Family.
  • While you can draw electricity from a potato, a lightbulb is much better for lighting a room.
  • I'm not sure where lightbulbs grow, but potatoes are in the field just down the street from here in chilly Idaho (well, soon anyway).
So why am I telling you this? Because its Works for Me Wednesday, hosted by Rocks in my Dryer! Oh, don't look so confused, this is my normal state of mind.

My handy dandy tip for today:

If a lightbulb breaks in the socket and you don't feel like battling going to the breaker box behind the dresser in the over-flowing, desperately needs organized and cleaned out master bedroom walk-in closet, OR like doing an electricity inspired herky-jerky when your fingers touch exposed hot wires, try my tip.

Cut a potato in half squat-ways (through the widest part, not lengthwise). Pop that tater half, cut side up, onto the broken ends of the lightbulb. Gently unscrew the bulbs. WAAAHHHLLAAA! Removed lightbulb without trip to emergency care.

Another method, though not so fun and a bit more work/expense: Get yourself a Kirby vacuum and use the handydandy attachment that comes with it for head massage (I kid you NOT) and lightbulb removal. Suction on or off, I don't know but it probably doesn't matter.

Personally, I never have had a lightbulb break in the socket, but you never know. And since potatoes are a pantry staple, I'll never be without one. WORKS FOR ME!

Leave me a comment and I'll visit YOUR WFMW and return the favor.


Iris said...

I haven't ever done the WFMW thing, but, since I think you R-O-C-K, I figured I would give it a try today.......

Laurel Wreath said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!! And I chuckled and enjoyed reading your WFMW post. My son had to do an experiment at home with the light bulb and potatoes. Very interesting!!

Anonymous said...

Now that is a great idea!! I will put that on my list of things to try.

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

I like your post - we actually used a carrot when a light broke in the socket...I'd never heard of a potato!

Thanks for the tip!

Margaret said...

I actually had to do this one not too long ago. Involved the dog chasing the cat into the lamp...and well...the potato was history. Worked great!!

Mommy, the Human Napkin said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today! Nice to meet you!

Luckily, I've never had to do the potato thing with a broken light bulb, but with my children, I can totally forsee this happening, even with no lamps in the house. I shudder just thinking about it.

scribbit said...

Who knew potatoes were so darn useful for things besides french fries?

Stephanie said...

You'd have to be from Idaho to give a tip like that! :) Good one!

Marcia said...

Hi Sara

Thanks for visiting my WFMW!

And I'm sure Bea would love a trip to Idaho :)

Thank goodness we've never had to use the potato for lightbulbs but I am now prepared!

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