Feb 18, 2007

A Brilliant Idea?

Hubbers got a brilliant idea a few months ago.

"Let's get rid of all the kids toys and just get LEGOs!"


A couple of months go by and I'm thinking I'm safe from the Lego invasion. Until last week when Hubbers unveils his evil plan - exchange the excess of toys we have now for Lego Dollars - such that any toys the kids "turn in" are worth a pre-set amount of money towards Lego blocks and storage containers.

God help me, I love this man. I treasure his creativity, intelligence, and gross motor skills. I love that he's trying to foster this manipulative ability in our chidren, but I think he's a little lot over-optimistic about our kids' ability to keep them cleaned up. Has this man EVER vacuumed the living room after a Lego-fest? AND he expects them to keep them organized, too?

Our kids are ages almost 10, 7, 5, and nearly 3. They'd be happier just building whatever they feel like, not a team effort for a Lego Housing Project. I can practically guarentee that there will be Legos on the floor after each and every foray into the fun that is Legos.

Can you tell I'm not into this? Really REALLY?

The kids are, however. They turned in $180 Lego Dollars worth of excess toy baggage today and were rewarded with the afore-mentioned Lego Housing Project.

I'm never EVER going around the house without slippers again!

For more cool LEGO projects, check this Lego Wedding Cake out.

And here's something I wouldn't mind someone building for me:


Stephanie said...

My son is into Legos too, but perhaps not as much as your husband! LOL
Lego Starry Night is too cool!

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Wait till they start creating - you might start loving Legos! :-)

Hubbers does sound very creative!

Thanks for the Lego links!

Myfriendconnie said...

Sounds like a great idea! Whenever I try to donate or sell toys at a garage sale, my kids burst into tears and remember that it was their all time favorite!

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