Jan 15, 2007

Time to Blog... I mean JOG!

I joined a weight loss blog and today is the first posting day. I thought I'd like both posts I'm doing so you will know where to find me "hanging out". And who knows? Maybe you also have 6.3 pounds to lose and would like to join our blogging party?

So, here's the link for more knowledge about the challenge: One Woman's World.

And here's the blog itself: Therefore, What?

So join me over there where I log in with the name BIFF1_1 and claim I only have 6.3 pounds to lose! (Aww man, I so funny!) Guess I better put away the old Christmas cookies...

1 comment:

Rachelle said...

I'm part of that blog too although I can't get blogger to let me accept the invitation. I replied to your email. Did you ever get it?

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