Jan 19, 2007

Random Acts of Kindness via the Coat Fairy

My kids are wearing coats from last year. And why not? There's plenty of life left in them and they aren't cold. I just decided last night to hit the clearance sales this weekend to pick up some new ones for next year when God intervened in my life. Again. In the most pleasant way.

I came out of my house this afternoon to help Hubbers jump start the dead Red Beast (AKA the other car, not my Green WonderVan) that had totally run it's battery G-O-N-E in the serious cold snap last week. This may be due to the smashed in rear door courtesy of the across the street teenager (thanks again) or it actually could have been from the cold. Regardless, we spent about 20 minutes revving the van and trying to start the car. (I hate that dead CLICK CLICK noise...)

Where was I? Oh yeah - coming out of the house to start this endeavour, I spy a large plastic shopping bag filled with squishy colored fabric. A closer inspection revealed 4 new coats for the monsters! No card, no note, no nothing but brand spankin' new coats of a serious name brand.

At first I felt like maybe I had done something bad, like I was a bad mother for them wearing old coats. Then I felt ashamed because someone thought we couldn't afford new coats for our kids. Were we the poor people on the block? Then I spoke with Hubbers and realized that this was a gift from someone who loves our family but wants to be anonymous.

So, to that person, I say Thank You. It was a blessing that you gifted the children coats.

This is not the first time that we've received gifts with no names.

Last Christmas a mysterious box appeared on our doorstep Christmas Eve as we prepared to go to Mass. Inside this box was a simple note reading Merry Christmas from your Secret Santa, we really enjoyed putting this together for you. I did not recognize the handwriting.

The box also contained a new fleece blanket for each child (in the exact style that the kid would have choosen himself, ie: horses for L) as well as a puzzle book for each. There was a gift certificate for Hubbers and I to a local store and a set of cute Christmas potholders for me.

I was stunned. I still am. How wonderful that someone would love us, love ME so much as to gift like this. I'm in tears now because I never felt that anyone loved me as a child. So I ate because food filled that deep well of hurt and need.

It was only after I found Hubbers that I realized that someone DOES love me. I had a closer relationship with God after Hubbers, found a home in the Catholic church, married Hubbers and am on my way to Happily-Ever-After, although with a few requisite bumps in the road.

Holy Moses. Blogging is SO much cheaper than therapy! And now you know more about my life than you ever expected you would.

So, here's a picture of my babies in their new coats. Thank you God, for our angels. Thank you.


Stephanie said...

That is a great story! Ours often wear coats two seasons. No shame in that. Think of it as good stewardship! but how nice to have new!

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...


Someone left a gift card of $50.00 for Target on our porch this Christmas!

Love that!

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