Jan 30, 2007

Catholic Bible Study?

I need some advice for a good Catholic Bible Study - the home version? (Sounds like a board game, huh?)

I've been doing a study with some of "another" faith (not gonna say which because I just KNOW you'll tut-tut me) and after having made friends and enjoyed this person for 2 years, it's time to end it. My heart is heavy over this decision and it is partly because I'll be missing the friend and partly because of missing my weekly study of the Word of God.

Now, I wasn't raised Catholic but made the decision in my late teens. It's a long and thoroughly heart touching tale that I'm not posting here, BUT there was a lot of searching on my part for where was home. I found it in the Catholic church. This is why I'd like the study to be Catholic, but it doesn't absolutely HAVE to be.

While you think, I've got to get back to work. I put off far too much housework to read my favorite blogs (did you notice the list on side is getting LONGER?!) and I need to discipline myself better.

Just as in chocolate, so do I ration my blogs...


Heather said...

I also joined the Church through RCIA, so have a good bit to catch up on.
Our Church's Moms' Bible Study read Scott Hahn's "History of Salvation" last year--pretty heavy stuff. This year, we're reading "Acts of the Apostles", also by Scott Hahn---both published by Ignatius Press.

Take care,

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

My friend Cindy works for Lighthouse and they have some great CD's - Jeff Cavins, Scott Hahn.

Let me see if I can't get you her contact info....she'd be a great resource for you!

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