Nov 27, 2006

First Time Blogger, Third Post

Jeeze, this blogging stuff is HARD! Yes, I know that what I say is mostly only important to me, but you know I just had to make what MY blog space looks like just PERFECT!

I have spent much of my afternoon and evening perusing the "Next Blog" buttons on a multitude of sites here on to figure out just what direction I want to go. No, I'm not a homeschooler, so I can't make mine like several in my favorite links list. Yes, I'm a Catholic so I can say some stuff about Mary and God and put up links to Choose Life and some cool quote by Pope JP2. Yes, I'd like to see more Jesus in Christmas, so I can put that little picture up, too, as long as I alter it to fit on my page and not hang into never-never land. And just where DO I want that all important BLOG ARCHIVE to show up?

It's tough, man, real tough.

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